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My last blog post

July 22, 2012

After two memorable years, I left Blackfen Schools for Girls on Friday. This film is a little ‘thank you’ to the staff and students of the school.

I’ve enjoyed sharing our work, ideas and resources on this blog. If you have found it useful and would like to make a donation for the time and effort involved, you can do so by clicking the donate button below. Thank you!

My brilliant colleague Lola Blatch will be taking over my role, and she’s planning to do a similar blog. When she’s set it up, I’ll send you a link.

Just to finish, here are 3 things I’ve learned from my time at Blackfen:

1. Children LOVE learning:

The default status of children is that they love learning. So if your students are not loving what they are doing with you then something is wrong – change it! Last week I asked my students to write down 3 words that best describe their Power Up! lessons and this is what they told me – the size of the words reflect the amounts of times students used them:

2. Get Real:

Probably the biggest thing I’ve learned (or re-learned) is how important it is to make learning real – learning that has a real purpose, a real audience and a real outcome. Not dress rehearsal learning, but live performance learning. What do I mean by that? Just have a look at this video.

3. If you teach in a girls school… learn to love Justin Bieber!

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