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Real Life Refugees

May 25, 2012

Over the spring holidays I visited Burma to make some short films about the changes happening there. There’s a lot to be positive about, but in the far north of the country, a vicious war has broken out between the Burmese army and an ethnic minority group called the Kachin. The conflict has forced over 50,000 Kachin villagers to flee their homes to escape gross human rights violations at the hands of the Burmese soldiers.

This short film tells the story, and we’ve used it with our students, alongside a lesson we created on refugees last year. You can download the lesson resources below, and I’ve uploaded the film to YouTube to make it easier to play in school. Watch it before you show it to your students, as some of the images are quite strong.

The lesson alone is a very powerful learning experience for students, but when you show them the film afterwards it really hits home. This is not just another lesson, it’s a tiny taste of what real people are experiencing right now.

This will be one of the resources Ben Hammond is using as part of his project to educate students in Britain about Burma. Find out more, and sponsor him to dance the length of Britain HERE.

Refugees Lesson Plan

Refugee Lesson

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