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Everyone an Entrepreneur!

May 19, 2012

A number of years ago an organisation called Make Your Mark launched a project called Make Your Mark with a Tenner. Make Your Mark lent £10 to thousands of students all over the country and challenged to make as much profit as possible with their tenner within a month. Both Make Your Mark, and the Tenner project no longer exist, but we like the project so much we’ve carried it on regardless – we’ve just borrowed the tenners from our school budget instead!

Below I have attached lesson plans and resources for the project, which I hope are self-explanatory, but it’s probably worth sharing a few simple rules we’ve developed from running the project twice.

Students must:

  • sign a declaration that they will repay the loan within a fixed period of time
  • not sell sweets, crisps or fizzy drinks
  • not use the loan for gambling
  • agree how they will split any profits among their group before they start their business

… and it’s fun to keep a leader board of the most profitable businesses!

Lesson Plans

Lesson 1


Lesson 2

The Business Tycoon Game

Business Tycoon Game

Business Tycoon Game Templates

Lesson 4

Student Pack Front Page

Business Brainstorm

Business Budget

Planning sheets

Progress Update1

Progress Update2

Final Progress Report

Success criteria – Tenner Tycoon

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