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Great ideas for Citizenship coursework

May 5, 2012

Our students are now completing their GCSE Citizenship coursework, and I thought I’d share some of the great projects they have come up with.

I’ll start with Blackfen’s very first International Week; an amazing week of activities entirely planned and run by students (with the support of my outstanding colleague Lola Blatch) in order to promote and recognise the contribution minority communities make to our school and community. The week culminated in an International Evening and an International Fashion Show…

The next project is a video made by a group of students who wanted to educate others about the implications of the rise in university tuition fees. They arranged for this to be shown to all our sixth form students who are about to make decisions about their futures…

The next project is a video put together by students who want to educate other young people about the reality of teenage pregnancy. Sex education is not a Citizenship topic, but it becomes one when students use their learning to change the minds and lives of others, which they hope to do with this video…

And finally, with the Olympics upon us, one group has worked with Anti-Slavery International to produce a video to highlight the risks of human trafficking during the Olympics. If you’d like to support them and sign the Slavery-Free London Pledge, click HERE.

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