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Stepping Stones

October 7, 2011

This is a great activity to test students’ understanding of key terms, but more than that, to test their ability to show how key terms link and relate to each other.

Write out 9 key terms on separate sheets of A3 paper (have some extra ones as back up too). Lay them out on the classroom floor, as in the photo. Divide the class into teams, and tell each team to choose a ‘stepper’.

The ‘stepper’ represents the team and comes forward and stands on one of the key terms. The stepper and his/her team then have 60 seconds to make as many steps as possible. S/he makes a step be stepping from one key term to another while explaining the link between the two terms. Of course it’s not just the stepper who is active, the rest of the team must join in and tell the stepper where to go and explain the links between the terms.

The team that makes the most steps within 60 seconds wins!

Kids love it, and it works great for topics such as:

  • the environment (climate change, global warming, fossil fuels, Kyoto Protocol etc)
  • the criminal justice system (jury, judge, crown court, sentence, arrest etc.)
  • Parliament (cabinet, MP, opposition, PM, House of Commons, The Speaker, House of Lords etc.)
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