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Speak Up!

May 13, 2011

Powerful citizens need to be able to speak to power, with power – but most of us are terrified of public speaking. That’s why we launched a little project, ‘Power Up! Speak Up!’ to help our students gain the skills and confidence to speak to an audience with passion and power.

We came up with the idea, that to speak well to an audience you need to master the three Cs:

  • CONNECT with your audience;
  • CONSTRUCT a great speech;
  • fill it with great CONTENT.
Many of our students have been petrified of even speaking in front of their own class (or perhaps especially in front of their own class!), but they’ve all done it, most of them brilliantly. Here’s a little film I made with the help of my students – tricky when you’re trying to teach the lesson at the same time!
Here are some of the resources we’ve used. Feel free to download and adapt them. It may be worth mentioning that strictly speaking, teaching students public speaking is not a Citizenship activity unless they are speaking about a Citizenship topic. However, we let the students choose their topics, which in itself is true to the democratic spirit of Citizenship.

Speak Up! Lesson Plans
Speak Up!
Score Card
Success Criteria for Speak Up

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