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The Blackfen Community Campaign!

April 8, 2011

We’ve just completed the Blackfen Community Campaign. This is an in-depth investigation by all Year 7 students into safety in the school and local community. The focus for the investigation is to arrive at realistic solutions, which will make our community safer. Learning the difference between realistic and unrealistic solutions is a key learning outcome for the project.

In my opinion this is Citizenship education at its purest – young people investigating an issue they care about, choosing an aspect of it that they matters to them, and then lobbying powerful people to take action for change. The starting point for these (and most of our projects) is not ‘what knowledge do we need to cover?’, but ‘what issues do our students care about and can do something about?’ Once we’ve got them hooked, we then feed in the skills and knowledge they need to take action on that issue. Start with action, then skills, then knowledge, not the other way around!

The project culminates in a special event to which we invite ‘power players’ who have the political responsibility for the issues raised by the students. They listen to presentations from the students, and then respond. We then follow this up to make sure change happens!

I hope this video will give you a little sense of what’s involved and below I have attached a bunch of documents in case you’d like to try something similar.

Lesson Plans
Local Community Tour MapPower Player Treasure Hunt QuestionsPower Players Treasure Hunt SheetsPower PlayersRoots & FruitsPresentation Planning sheetPresentation Planning sheet


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