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Out and about in the community

March 19, 2011

Citizenship education is meaningless if students never leave the classroom (or even the textbook!) and get out into the community to investigate and campaign on issues that matter to them.

And the great thing is that it’s very easy to do. We’re currently running a Community Campaign project with our Year 7s, in which they are investigating the people and places which make them feel unsafe in the school grounds and the local community. At the end of term we will hold a special Community Campaign event where the students will make recommendations to improve safety to a panel of powerful adults, including the local police and councillors.

To do this properly they need to get out into the community. We have managed to do this, by devising a simple route along the streets around our school. It’s quite short, so we can do the walk within an hour’s lesson, which simplifies the arrangement immensely. We have a student teacher with us at present, which means it’s easy to find a second adult to join the trip. Here’s a video of our students out and about taking notes on the issues that concern them. I’ll post an update at the end of term of our special Community Campaign event.

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