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Climate Change Challenge!

January 29, 2011

There are loads of resources out there to teach about global warming and climate change. Here are a couple of good ones: Power Down and Stupid or Not.

However, without wanting to re-invent the wheel, we’ve designed a few new resources of our own, which we’re quite proud of.

Climate Change Top Trumps!
This is a nice, simple starter. Print these out (and perhaps laminate them): Top Trumps. Then get kids to work in pairs, each with four of the eight cards. One starts by choosing one characteristic from the form of energy on their cards. If they score higher than their opponent they get a point. You have to win two out of three to win your opponent’s cards. The first to win all the cards, wins!

Climate Change Simulation Game!
This works great! A simulation game which helps kids understand why global warming is happening, who’s to blame, and most importantly empathise with those who suffer the most from climate change. For rules and resources, click these links: Climate Change Game rules, Climate Change Game, Instructions_crops, Instructions_luxury cars, Instructions_luxury cars, Templates & tokens, Think about it_crops and Think about it_luxury cars.

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