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Using multimedia to assess multimedia

January 15, 2011

I sometimes think that our young people live in a multi-media world, but study in single media schools. The multi-media world is inter-connected, participatory, personalised and provides immediate feedback. How often is school like that?

As I posted above, we recently got our Year 9s to make one minute Citizenship films. We ended up with 210 students, making 54 films, on 8 cameras! Rather than just assess the films in the traditional way (on paper!), I have tried to set up a way for kids to watch the films, and then comment on them in an online conversation – just like people post comments after watching Youtube videos. Below is a sample film, and screen grabs of the students’ ‘comments conversation, using Fronter.

The kids loved it, and worked (almost) independently

It took ages to set up (although now I know how, it would be quicker)
The students’ comments are very superficial (which is probably more a reflection of my poor teaching than their poor comments!)
The students were too polite to be constructively critical
When a student writes a comment their picture comes up with the comment, so some didn’t want to write a comment because they don’t like their picture!

Worth trying again!

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